Linneas Sicilian House

From thought to action

With my starting up of  Linneas Sicilian House, I hope to contribute to increase of tourism in the Trapani region. And for the tourists who come here it will be an  unforgettable holiday and the possibility to discover everything that wonderful and friendly Sicily can offer you:  the sunshine, the worm sea, delicious food, genuine nature, centuries-old history and culture! Thanks!

I have discovered a wonderful place, a part of Sicily which gave me all the best that life can offer: friendly and helpful people, delicious food and good wine, picturesque views, rich history. You can always find a lot of new fascinating things to discover. Come here and you will return from a holiday, enriched with beautiful impressions and memories to share with your friends. We, Linneas Sicilian House, will help you to come here!

The idea to found Linneas Sicilian House came to me after several trips and holidays I passed in Trapani province. I realized that it was a great place. β€œIt could be a real  opportunity to have a new experience and to enjoy this fantastic place!” – I thought. I realized that there was everything for a full and happy life, but the main thing that  Scandinavian  tourists with a short summer can enjoy, is the endless sun. The sun that gives  you so pleasant warmth and light the most part of the year.

"Focusing on quality, warmth and love"