Yoga / Dance groups

By the sea, the soul becomes full of peace and quiet….

In cooperation with Linnea's Sicilian House Yoga teachers can offer their groups a trip to Trapani, Sicily. We offer a nice and quiet hotel at the outskirts of Trapani, where the yoga can be practiced on a roof terrace with the Tyrrhenian Sea as a view.

Sicilian food

There is an opportunity to combine food and wine in an exciting way where you will learn how to cook the good Sicilian food with local produce and domestic chefs. A very special and tasty experience.

Sicilian wine and wine tasting

We have contact with several wine houses around Trapani province and have the pleasure of offering wine tasting with guided tours. Here, grapes have been grown for millennia, so the production is at the top of the world's wine-producing countries.

Hiking / Biking / Diving

If you are a group and want to wander and discover new fabulous places, cycle on roads along the sea or if you are a group of divers, then contact Linnea's Sicilian House and we will help you get the experience that you want..

Egadi Islands

Why not take the boat and arrange a trip to Levanzo, Favignana e Marettimo, the beautiful Egadi Islands? You can spend some fantastic hours on the islands,sunbathing, rent a bike and explore the picturesque old fishing villages.  

Reserva natural saline di Trapani e Paceco

Experience the spectacular salt basins where salt has been extracted for centuries. The salt extracted there is considered to be Italy's finest salt. It has also become a place where different migratory birds breed. It's a magical place!

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